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Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:48

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Dear All


Recent & Update News Related to Bupa


Firstly thank you all again for keeping up with the campaign and for your positive support! 


Please do keep passing this on to all your contacts and osteopathic groups, this is the best way to maintain everyone up to date and the momentum!


Latest News:

1 I have heard from one colleague that Bupa are saying, when patients ring them and request an osteopath, who is not on their network, that they are Not Registered!!!! This could easily be misunderstood that the osteopath is not registered at all, ie not with the GOsC! As opposed to just not ‘in’ the Bupa Network.   I have already flagged this with the BOA who are going to get into contact with Bupa immediately and say that their call centers are not using the most helpful language in this situation. If you experience this get onto the Bupa team as before and explain your concern, or write to Dr Natalie-Jane MacDonald again, her details are on the osteopaths section of save-osteopathy-on-bupa website


2 If you go to www.bupa.co.uk website, at the lower part of the page in the ‘health & well being section, you will find ‘Consultant & facilities Finder’. Click on this and it takes you to a page where you can search for Osteopathy, post code & name. If you just choose osteopathy and a post code, it will then search for all the osteopaths in the Bupa Network currently, showing how many miles that practice is from where you are! On the right side of the osteopaths name is a green box saying ‘Fee Assured’. This means the total fee will be paid by Bupa, with no shortfalls. Ie their agreed fee with Bupa.


If you then go back to the ‘finder page’ and put your name in if you have opted out, it will find you but the green box is in grey and it says’Not Fee assured’. When you put your mouse on that box it further says ‘Not Fee Assured, this means that members may need to pay something towards the cost of their treatment if it is higher than the amount Bupa agrees to pay for your treatment’


This is somewhat confusing as it could mean they will not pay anything or maybe they will pay something???? Also why is anyone NOT on their network still listed on their website???? Please note I have once again flagged this with the BOA, who will deal with it accordingly.


3 PLEASE DO THE BOA SURVEY it is really important and it does not take long at all!







It will make a difference, I have heard from one colleague who has been contacted by the competitions commission to actually publish the letter they sent in on their website I believe?

Best wishes



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