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I think the profession is very fortunate to have both Darryl and Gareth being so proactive including setting up this excellent website, well done to you both. I recently sent out an online survey to new patients and found out that 80% of my patients are self pay. BUPA have Individual members fees payable for osteopathic intervention for many years, BUPA international and corporate members have been luckier often having 100% of the fee reimbursed. Like many of those choosing to opt out of BUPA's osteopathy network, I work in central London with large overhead costs so the proposed fee scale of £30-£40 is so unrealistic, I guess they must be living in cloud cuckoo land. Many of my patients are referred by private GPs and medical consultants who generally charge substantially more than I do but they refer to me because of my expertise in complex patients. For me the real issue is one of professional autonomy and the terms and conditions proposed by BUPA, in my opinion, respect my autonomy so much that is the real reason why I will not register under the current proposal.

Just as a matter of interest AXA/PPP have also recently withdrawn my specialist status, simply stating I charge more than the going rate and were not really interested in the similar arguments I proposed to BUPA in my letter of " resignation". Perhaps AXA/PPP of being a little bit more clever in picking us off one by one. was fascinating about this decision was that AXA/PPP have generally Individual policyholder fees for many years. As far as I know nothing has really changed but AXA/PPP decided to take this unilateral decision.

I guess what will happen is that the 20% of my patients currently using private medical insurance ( and who are covered by BUPA/ AXA/PPP) will cover will either opt to self fund or choose another provider who have more reasonable terms for the cover of Osteopathy.

However I think it is still worthwhile for as many clinicians and patients who happen to often be our best advocates to use their contacts to see if it will help for private medical insurance to adopt a more reasonable policy.