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Firstly, thanks to those of you who are coordinating this campaign and set up the website. I sent my resignation letter to Bupa yesterday and pointed out, again, my reasons. (Previous quesions raised wth them merely elicited the same spiel from their terms and conditions)
Unrealistic fees scale and 'prohibition' on topping up
Billing to Bupa administratively cumbersome. All our insurance pts make their own claims for reimbursement with our receipts. (It is they who have the contract with Bupa, not me). Bupa will not permit this in future.
Beyond their remit to try to tell us how to run our practices and what we may treat.
The necessity for CRB clearance. That's the GOsC's job.
Also told them I'm over 70 now but they did say that was OK if the regulator still considers I'm safe to practise!