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Save Osteopathy on Bupa, Mass Resignation Friday 13 July

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Two days to go before the mass resignation! We now have over 10% of the osteopathic profession signed up to our petition, see web site and just under 10% choosing to Opt out of the new Bupa Osteopath/Chiropractor Network
Lets get over that 10% barrier, it is not too late to post your letter opting out, by first class post today!
Alternatively and as well as, email Bupa on Friday, 1pm (the 13th hour) on the 13th July has been suggested to hit the Bupa website hard. However anytime is fine!

Lets all get together, be heard as one voice, one profession. Many osteopaths have sent positive emails and made comments on the website, COME ON lets support each other.

Thank you for all your support

Daryl Herbert