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18 years in practice, and how things have changed. I used to be proud to say to my patients that I was "BUPA approved". As a brand new graduate, it seemed to me to be giving validity to osteopathy as a profession, i.e. if BUPA recognise it then it must be good - they were after all the perceived 'Gold Standard' in healthcare at the time.

I know this may sound strange to the 'youngsters' who have graduated since I did, but nearly 20 years ago so many people, even your own family, questioned why you would want to choose such an 'alternative' profession and comments such as "work harder and you can get into proper medical school" was considered good advice. So being recognised by BUPA I thought was great.

So back to today. Unquestionably, I cannot consider registering with BUPA. Osteopathy has fought too hard for the right to be an autonomous, self-governing profession to be told by clerical pen-pushers how to be a clinician. So I will not be accepting another BUPA pay-cheque and shame on anybody who sells their birth-right for 30 pieces of silver.

I would bet my clinical judgement over some clerical penpusher in deciding when is best for my patient