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Hi All, firstly thank you for all your comments and support for the website.
Just some points: The GOsC is the Regulator of Osteopathy & the Osteopathic profession, it therefore has little or nothing to do with this current Bupa issue. Secondly the BOA have been and continue to work tirelessly for us in this Bupa matter. Please go to the BOA website news, please see the Bupa email sent out to all BOA members last week followed up by a text message to all BOA members yesterday.
We really NOW need to UNITE together, ALL OSTEOPATHS, and show Bupa and other PHI's that we have a voice. That united voice will be heard Friday 13 July. Bupa have been lying to the BOA and to individuals all along and probably still are. They have informed many colleagues that 75% of the profession have signed up, I am not convinced. The petition numbers and opt out numbers are climbing but PLEASE we need more. Get patients and corporate groups involved. Pass on this web site to ALL colleagues, even if they have signed up they can still resign. Use the information on this site. We must help ourselves!