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Directly quoting form The BUPA website for their memebers under the 'Common Questions about Osteopathy' section..

'How much does osteopathy cost?

There is no fixed price for osteopathy treatment and the cost varies across the UK. Typically a 30-minute treatment session can cost between £35 and £50.

The cost of osteopathy treatment will depend on the number of sessions you have and the location of your practice.

Most people have a course of three to six treatment sessions, but this will depend on the specific treatment you need and the severity of your problem. At your first appointment, your osteopath should give you an idea of the number of treatment sessions you will need.'

My comment, referring to recent information from the BOA forum an osteopath was informed that BUPA came up with their pricing based on the average price of osteopathic fees in the UK. Calculating from the above quote would that figure for an half hour session not be closer to £42?