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I have already resigned from BUPA, it was a difficult choice but the right decision. I waited 5 years for registration. Got less cover in the end than an equivalent physiotherapist. Are we worth less? I don't think so and neither do my patients. The terms and conditions are unrealistic and I am sure even the osteopaths that are too scared to de-register now, will in the future. BUPA is flexing its muscles and expecting us to accept their cover conditions to pay less than our standard prices, I couldn't afford to accept their supposed prices of £40.00 and £30.00 in central London, have you seen what rents are in central london!!! Get real BUPA thats 50% of my standard charge. Now I know how dairy farmers feel when they are offered less for their milk than it cost them to produce. By the way have you checked out BUPA's own centres prices at £84.00/72.00 initial consult and follow up £59.00/45.00 and these are the cheapest they offer!!!!! Lots of my patients are really annoyed by the new rules and I won't be recommending BUPA to any future patients either as I think they are treating us appallingly.