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Unnecessary extra admin, dictatorial care protocols imposed without BUPA actually seeing the patient in for of them, capped fees without the option for the patient to top up. No consultation process with their premium payers. All for £30 per follow up treatment, despite the BUPA physio contracts in my area are paying £42.50 per follow up. No scope for higher fees in central London despite BUPA charging the public £59 per follow up at their own centre in Docklands. BUPA have gone too far!! I cannot afford to run a busy practice, employ rceptionists, keep my knowledge and skills up to date by attending post graduate courses for £30 a session. The is no question that BUPA are attempting to devalue the profession,. They do not actually care about providing the best quality care to their patients, they are simply trying to tick boxes and recruit osteopaths per geographical area as cheaply as possibly. The worst thing of all is that the public are set to suffer as a result. I shall not be signing up to the contract in its present form.